A Tradition Of Victory

Aus HMS Lydia - Lexikon marinehistorischer Romane
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Originaltitel: A Tradition Of Victory (ISBN 99497670)
Titel (D): Admiral Bolithos Erbe: Ein Handstreich in der Biskaya (ISBN 3548268781)
Titel (F): Victoire oblige (2002)
Autor: Alexander Kent
Erstveröffentlichung: 1981
Jahr (Handlung): 1801


Richard Bolitho, Midshipman • Midshipman Bolitho and the 'Avenger' • Band Of Brothers • Stand Into Danger • In Gallant Company • Sloop Of War • To Glory We Steer • Command a King's Ship • Passage To Mutiny • With All Despatch • Form Line of Battle! • Enemy In Sight! • Flag Captain • Signal - Close Action! • The Inshore Squadron • A Tradition Of Victory • Success To The Brave • Colours Aloft! • Honour This Day • The Only Victor • Beyond The Reef • The Darkening Sea • For My Country's Freedom • Cross Of St. George • Sword of Honour